China's Digital Governance and Its Global Implications

What you'll learn

  • Module 1: Starting with the view from Beijing, you will learn about the objectives driving the build out of China’s data regulatory regime, and the different stakeholders involved inside China’s political system shaping emerging data laws and policies. This module will also analyze the various laws and regulations in China governing personal information protection, data security, and cross-border data flows and get insights into the debates unfolding inside China regarding how these rules will be implemented and enforced.
  • Module 2:  Learn how to analyze the seeming paradox in China as individuals’ demands for consumer data privacy rise alongside increasing state surveillance over digital life in China. You will learn about the debates regarding how privacy protections apply to the state, including the history of companies pushing back against government data requests.  
  • Module 3:  learn about how policymakers in Beijing and Washington view the risk of cross-border data flows and why data has moved to the center of geopolitical tension. You will learn about the shift from concerns about traditional cyber espionage toward a new policy challenge being debated in both countries in which commercially available, open datasets serve as a new fault line in great power competition.
  • Module 4: learn about the legal and policy proposals policymakers in Beijing and Washington are advancing that seek to restrict data flows to the other. Understand the implications of these proposals for companies operating in each other’s markets regarding handling/transferring data of the other countries’ citizens. This module will also  assess these various proposals in the context of the economic and national security objectives  in China and in the United States. 
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