Frequently asked questions
Can I earn CLE credits?
Yes, many of our deep dives allow you to earn CLE credits. We indicate clearly which deep dives are available for CLE credit. We work with State Bar Associations on CLE applications. We can't guarantee where we will be approved or how many hours we will be approved for, but we can provide an estimate based on our experience. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining CLE credit for you, we'll refund the $160 CLE fee in full.  
How do I pay for CLE credits?
We charge a small administrative fee of $160. This fee consists of the prices the state boards charge us and our administrative fee. The cost of CLE credits is included when you complete the full 5 CLE credit deep dive or a 1 CLE credit module.
How many CLE credits can I earn?
You can earn 1 CLE credit for 1 hour of video.  Complete the full deep dive and earn 5 CLE Credits, or earn 1 CLE Credit for each on-demand module you complete. 
Can I be reimbursed for the cost of CLE credit? 
Many of the people who purchase our deep dives are reimbursed by their employers. Click on the button or go to the Reimburse Me tab for a letter you can use to seek reimbursement from your employer.
What is a CPD Certificate? 
CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, and is issued by the CPD Certification Service in the UK, a world-leading certifier of professional development courses.  Upon completion, your Policyware certificate will also be CPD certified. CPD certification is recognized by many employers globally.