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What's in a Deep Dive

Mix of pre-recorded and live content

  • We deliver the best content paired with world-class learning practices

  • Each Deep Dive is delivered completely online and designed to accommodate busy full-time professionals

  • A combination of video time and live engagement with our experts and guest lectures who bring real-world insights

Real world learning you can apply at work

  • Each Deep Dive is regularly updated to reflect real-world developments

  • Active learning that gets you to apply your new knowledge to practical problems. 

Active Engagement

  • Each Deep Dive puts what you learn into practice using group discussions and practical orientated projects

  • Build your contacts with professionals around the world working on similar policy challenges

Our Current Deep Dives 

Governing Digital Trade and Data Flows

Learn about how cross-border data flows and transforming international trade, the economic, legal and policy implications domestically and at the global level

Outcomes-Based Financing 

Learn how impact bonds and other forms of outcomes-based financing mechanisms can unlock private capital for investments into social and environmental programs.  

 China's Digital Governance Regime

 Learn about developments in China's digital policy from privacy to security and what these development mean for data policies globally.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence  

Learn about how AI will affecting economic growth, trade and international relations, and the national and global efforts to govern AI, including ethical AI principles, AI regulation and the development of international AI standards.

The Intersection of Investment, Trade and Climate Policies

Lean how climate change is impacting global trade and investment policy and the efforts to align the trade, investment and climate agendas.   

 Managing IP in a Globalized and Digital Economy

Learn about how intellectual property (IP) rights supports a globalized world economy, how IP rights are managed globally, including through trade and investment agreements and the role of IP in enabling development of critical technologies such as AI and biotechnology.     

Global Supply Chains: Labor and Human Rights

Learn about developments in the US and globally that affect governments, industry and firm compliance with  human rights and labor standards in global supply chains.

Global Developments in Privacy Law and Policy

Examine key concepts for understanding how information privacy law works, learn about different international approaches and the policy problem of international transfers of personal data.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there homework? 

No. We will ask you to do some reading, to watch all the pre-recorded videos and to be present for all the live lectures by our experts and guest lecturers. 

What is expected of me during a Deep Dive?

How you participate in each Deep Dive is up to you. Each Deep Dives encourages participation and interaction amongst the community to deepen your understanding of the issues and as a way to start networking. We do not require you to do any of these things. But like most things in life, the more you participate, the more you get out of it.  

Will I get certified?

Yes. If you watch all the videos and attend all the live lectures we will issue you a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

What if I change my mind?

We will reimburse you in full if you cancel no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the Deep Dive. As spaces are limited in each Deep Dive, a cancellation inside of two weeks and until the Deep Dive starts will receive a 100% credit that can be applied to any future Deep Dive. 


"I have found this course extremely informative, useful and relevant as someone who is currently negotiating data in digital chapters"

Government Official
"I will apply the discussion of the data flows provisions to negotiations with the US and Australia"

     Government Official
"Very engaging, extremely informed and a true expert

private sector executive

Supporting our Students

 We aim to maximize access to our Deep Dives and minimize cost as a barrier to learning.


If you want to do a Deep Dive but are unable to afford to, please contact us. Scholarships are awarded by Policyware up to two weeks before registration closes.

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